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Reader's Digest

Reader’s Digest European Trusted Brands 2015

Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand awards are the result of consumer nominations in 7 countries across Europe.

This site contains results for each country participating in the 2015 Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands survey, a study of consumer attitudes and opinions related to everyday products and services.

Reader’s Digest European Trusted Brands enables marketers of local and global brands to:

  • identify by country, and across countries, the brands consumers trust the most – 7 countries/over 80 product categories
  • evaluate the Trusted Brands consumers in these countries are most likely to buy and/or recommend
  • track brands’ Trust performance over 15 years, country by country
  • measure consumers’ perception of each Trusted Brand according to 5 criteria
  • highlight the brands consumers believe to be socially responsible
  • compare the degree of trust people have in friends, family and colleagues
  • identify the sources of information consumers are likely to trust the most
  • analyse levels of trust in the European Union, professions, institutions, and the environment